About Our Trees

We specialise in biodiverse conservation plantings using trees and shrubs that are native to the region.

Our trees bring many valuable benefits to the environment:

sequester carbon,

help reduce soil salinity,

help combat wind and water erosion,

enhance biodiversity, and

restore habitat for native animals.

Planting trees also provides local employment, supports local business, and may contribute to increased rainfall.

It is not possible to ‘offset’ greenhouse gas emissions or claim carbon neutrality through purchasing trees. 

How does it work?

Use our Plant-a-Tree program by planting XX trees for every invoice raised, for each delegate attending an event, every product sold, or in your social media marketing strategy.

  • Trees are AU$3.00 (plus GST)
  • Minimum purchase is at least 200* trees as determined by organisation size.
  • No lock in contracts or automatic renewals.*Amount for organisations of less than 8 people - other minimums apply for 8 people and over - see Joining Form below.

Enhance your social impact and engage customers and staff - tree planting on behalf of your organisation is a simple way to enrich a company’s environmental status, and it demonstrates a tangible commitment to the environment.  It is a force for good – a positive, cost-effective environmental action that will remain for future generations.


We’ll send a certificate with a huge thanks, highlighting your company name and contribution to our environment

Your company will be entitled to use of our brand/logo - on your website, social media, email signature and other marketing collateral

Become a Carbon Neutral Partner - and be listed on our website as a 'Partner', affirming to the world the great support currently being given by you


'Preston Waters' property - 2018 Monitoring Report

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