Carbon Footprint Analysis

Measure your impact

The increasing pressure for companies to respond to climate change makes it essential to know the impact your business is having. We work with a range of industries of varying sizes to measure carbon footprints and conduct energy audits.

Tailoring a carbon strategy for your business

Our experienced Carbon Advisors can help you manage your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measure your footprint so you can align your business goals and sustainability strategy with confidence. Gain insight into how your business activities generate the most emissions with a GHG (carbon footprint) assessment.

Why do a footprint?

When you measure the impact of your business activities on climate change, you can account for and integrate solutions into your organisation’s sustainability strategy. Addressing environmental and social concerns can result in increased profits, relieve supply chain pressures and attract new business opportunities.

How it works

Measuring your GHG emissions allows you to assess climate risks and accurately set emissions reduction targets. In choosing to understand and offset your organisation’s emissions, you show great environmental responsibility and leadership.

Setting emissions reduction targets allows you to:

  • improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • meet compliance requirements
  • participate in carbon neutral supply chains
  • decarbonise your business

Our approach

Our Carbon Advisors work with your company staff to collect data around activities where emissions may occur, capturing both direct and indirect emissions, to produce a 12-month GHG emissions inventory. We conduct our organisational carbon footprints consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard and Climate Active program.

The emissions produced by organisations are categorised into 3 scopes.
Scope 1

These are emissions that have come directly from sources that are owned or operated by your organisation. For example, fleet vehicles and air conditioning.

Scope 2

These are emissions generated from imported energy consumed to operate owned or controlled equipment or facilities of an organisation. This includes the electricity purchased to heat and cool buildings.

Scope 3

Generally, these are emissions that arise from activities which aren’t owned or controlled by the organisation, but you do have some control over. For example, air travel, staff commute, waste management.

Do more than remove greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon offsetting with Carbon Neutral provides more than just the credit. Our projects also contribute to positive social, environmental and economic change aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Measure your carbon impact today

Use our online calculator to estimate your annual carbon footprint.

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