Carbon Neutral

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Carbon Neutral maintains a strong framework of integrity and we want to ensure any feedback or comments are discussed together in a timely manner.

We’re happy to talk through ideas and value your feedback on what we do and the products and services we offer.

We value open and timely communications around any concerns or issues you may have and how we can work best to resolve them.

Any stakeholder is able to submit feedback through our Contact Us page by selecting ‘Feedback’ from the ‘Enquiry type’ dropdown menu. Please include:

  • Name, organisation and contact details (email and telephone) of the stakeholder
  • If feedback constitutes a complaint – details of the complaint including:
    • Timing of complaint
    • Nature of complaint and perceived impact
    • Any supporting evidence and documentation
  • Declaration of any potential or perceived conflict of interest
  • Any request for confidentiality/anonymity of complainant with reasons
  • Declaration that information being provided is true, accurate, and made in good faith

Examples of supporting evidence may include correspondence, such as emails or letters, research studies, or letters of support from other stakeholders.

Carbon Neutral commits to an acknowledgement of receipt of feedback within five working days and a response within ten days of receipt. This response may be final, or may outline a timeframe and process that will lead to resolution.

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