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Tree seedlings held by pair of hands
Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor – Plant-a-Tree Program – Australia
  • Growing critical habitat for endangered wildlife
  • Restoring native biodiversity
  • Rejuvenating degraded landscapes

USD 2.33 / each (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets – Australia
  • Contributing to the reforestation of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia’s wheatbelt
  • Removing atmospheric carbon by growing native habitat
  • Independently verified

USD 22.53 / tonne (incl GST)
Wilyun Pools ConservAction Program – Australia
  • Protecting habitat for endangered species
  • Reducing deforestation and degradation of nearby forests
  • Conserving threatened ecosystems

USD 1.76 / each (incl GST)
Rwandan woman with an improved cook stove
Carbon Offset
Improved Cook Stove Project – Rwanda
  • Reduces emissions through improved cookstoves
  • Removes exposure to harmful pollutants
  • Empowers local community and economy

USD 16.70 / tonne (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project – Indonesia
  • Protecting threatened species like Orangutans
  • Safeguarding tropical forests
  • Social and economic co-benefits for local community

USD 27.36 / tonne (incl GST)
solar power project
Carbon Offset
SB Energy Solar Power Projects – India
  • Replacing fossil fuel sources
  • Generating employment opportunities
  • Clean energy innovation

USD 11.57 / tonne (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Chakala Wind Power Project – India
  • Replacing fossil fuel sources
  • Clean energy innovation
  • Generating new infrastructure and employment

USD 11.26 / tonne (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Hebei Yuxian Wind Power Project – China
  • Replacing fossil fuel sources
  • Generating employment opportunities
  • Clean energy innovation

USD 11.26 / tonne (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Madre de Dios Project – Amazon Rainforest Peru
  • Protecting the Amazon from deforestation
  • Safeguarding local Indigenous culture
  • Protecting the habitat of endangered species in a biodiversity hotspot

USD 18.65 / tonne (incl GST)
Carbon Offset
Usak Wind Power Project – Turkey

USD 11.26 / tonne (incl GST)

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Together our partners have helped to plant over 29.5 million trees and shrubs to restore the Australian environment and offset hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon through accredited offsets.

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