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You can make a difference. The climate crisis can sometimes seem overwhelming, but we make it easy for you to become part of the solution the planet needs. Join a global community taking action and turning the tide.

We don’t just plant trees, we grow ecosystems.

Carbon Neutral have expanded to include properties in the Southwest Australia.

Our flagship project, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is Australia’s largest biodiverse, reforestation carbon sink, with over 30 million trees, plants and shrubs being planted so far.

How you can make a difference…

Birds, bees, flowers, trees

Carbon Neutral is passionate about the essential role biodiversity plays in thriving societies. Healthy forests are noisy and filled with the sounds of animals. That’s why we plant between 40 and 60 different species in all our projects. This provides a natural habitat for our unique flora and fauna to thrive.

Offsetting doesn’t have to be complicated

Carbon Neutral simplifies the entire offset process by managing everything from footprint calculation to certification. We make it easy for you to measure, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint.

How you will help

Sequester carbon

Remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

Restore wildlife habitat

Creation of habitats to encourage the return of native species.

Restore ecosystems

Improve biodiversity with sustainable landscape management.

Combat desertification

Reduce salinity, improve soil and combat wind erosion.

Contributing to reforestation and habitat restoration

Hotspots are irreplaceable, preserving them secures our global biodiversity. Learn more about how we are achieving this through our Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project and more

Why work with Carbon Neutral


We like to involve you at every step to achieving your goal.


We are always transparent and honest in our communications.


We enjoy the challenges and learnings of problem solving.


Which countries does Carbon Neutral work in?

We work with organisations from around the globe to offset their emissions; climate does not heed country boundaries.  As well as generating carbon offsets for our own projects in Australia, we source international offsets from a variety of countries, both advanced and developing nations.

Is my purchase tax deductible?

The purchase of trees or carbon offsets may be a tax deductible business expense but organisations will need to seek their own independent tax advice.

What species do you plant, where and when?

Species planted are predominantly drought-tolerant Eucalypts and woody-stemmed Acacias that are endemic to the area. We plant over 60 species of trees and shrubs to encourage biodiversity. 

Our planting sites are located within the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Southwest Australia.  Over 90% of the land was cleared for traditional farming in parts of the region during the 1900s.

Trees are planted after the first rains of winter generally between June and August. This ensures adequate water availability to give the trees and shrubs a great start.

How are the trees protected?

Our planting sites are legally protected by a 100 year Carbon Right and Carbon Covenant which is registered on the land title. This means the current landowner (and subsequent landowners if sites are sold) must not damage or remove trees for 100 years.  This also complies with the Kyoto Protocol.

Unlike monocultures, biodiverse plantings are more resilient to fire. But we also employ a number of fire protection strategies including geographic separation, firebreaks and control measures.

Impact at the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

We are the developer of Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink. We’re restoring habitat and native ecosystems at scale.

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