Case Studies: Quality Printers And Cartridges

Quality Printers & Cartridges

Quality Printers & Cartridges has become an excellent ambassador for Carbon Neutral's 'Plant-a-Tree' program and aims to one day have its own 'Quality Printer Cartridges' forest planted on behalf of its loyal customers.

"Our biggest environmental initiative has been our Plant-a-Tree program. This was implemented about half way through 2008 with both directors having a passion to support the environment (in addition to re-manufacturing).They created the program when a client's order contained at least one cartridge from our Premium Plus range, a tree would be planted on the client's behalf back in WA. We plant the trees through Carbon Neutral. The program has been going for over 10 years now and to date, Quality Printers & Cartridges has planted 13,300 trees.....

If we can be a role model to our suppliers, we can be an even greater role model to our customers and other businesses to choose more environmentally friendly products".

Quality Printers & Cartridges

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Austral Fisheries

In 2016 Austral Fisheries took sustainability to the next level and became certified carbon neutral both as an organisation and produce carbon neutral products with their wild-capture fish and prawns.

Austral Fisheries’ journey began in 1997 when they became the first fishing company in the world to sign up to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - a sustainable and traceable international certification for wild fishing.

WWF welcomed a commitment by Austral Fisheries to offset the carbon pollution from their global operations by purchasing carbon credits.  “Austral is leading the way as a Southern Ocean fishing operation committed to going carbon neutral, and we look forward to seeing this becoming standard practice for vessels in that part of the world, whether for fishing, tourism or Antarctic base re-supply.” said Merril Halley, WWF’s Species Conservation Manager for Southwest Australia.



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Case Studies: Santa Vittoria

Santa Vittoria

One of the purest waters available, Santa Vittoria Italian Mineral Water is bottled at the source in Northern Italy - part of this purity and quality includes meeting environmental standards, which is why Santa Vittoria chose to work with Carbon Neutral.

“We strive to provide our clients with one of the purest mineral waters available but we also care about the planet’s well being. We aim to deliver Santa Vittoria from the source in Northern Italy to consumers with as little environmental impact as possible. We do this by offsetting the carbon emissions generated from the importation of Santa Vittoria mineral water into Australia and New Zealand. We believe this commitment is a significant step towards a more sustainable future and partnering with a recognised organisation such as Carbon Neutral adds another level of integrity to our environmental actions.”

Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale

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Case Studies: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

"In early October, 2013 HCA’s Western Australian Parts Manager, Doug Thomson approached Carbon Neutral to discuss options to progressively turn our fleet of over 550 vehicles carbon neutral.

Doug was undertaking post-grad studies as part of HCA’s personal development program. His course included sustainability and environmental aspects within the organisation. He recognised that offsetting the unavoidable emissions from the company’s fleet and air travel would be an ideal goal to achieve. Doug immediately engaged Carbon Neutral for a project proposal. He had the full support of HCA’s Managing Director who signed off on the initial offset proposal within 48 hours.

Carbon Neutral was able to offer a very competitive five year package. This enables us to invest in local projects like the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor; Carbon Neutral’s long term vision to store carbon for 100 years through revegetating degraded and over cleared areas of the Australian wheat belt. A percentage of offsets are also allocated to invest in wind power projects in third-world countries. Nearly 5,000 tonnes of CO2-e have already been offset by HCA from 2012-2014, taking HCA to a ‘gold’ level partner.

HCA looks forward to continuing to develop our environmental partnership with Carbon Neutral in Australia as a central part of the company’s sustainability and environmental policy."

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

Case Studies: Force Technology

Force Technology

As Australia's top wholesaler of mobile phone peripherals, Force Technology values its environmental actions as an important part of its strategy to grow its distribution business within Australia and internationally.

"We’re pleased to be a supporter of Carbon Neutral, and since our first donation in 2007, we've continued to see value in this fantastic program."

Force Technology

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