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eCard: Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets, Australia

Celebrate with a gift that flourishes — our Biodiverse Reforestation Offsets e-gift card.

With each Biodiverse Reforestation Offset e-gift card you purchase, you’re actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere through our dedicated reforestation efforts. Purchasing offsets allows for the continuation of planting projects that restore fragile ecosystems and sequester carbon.

This gift transcends the ordinary, supporting projects that will extend their canopy for generations. Embark on a journey of hope and renewal with our eco-conscious e-gift card, a symbol of your commitment to a more resilient and verdant earth.

For additional details, please explore our Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets product.

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Your impact

  • 20 t+
    Contributes to climate action
  • 35 t+
    May be eligible to become a Carbon Neutral Partner
  • 80 t+
    Helping to preserve Australian wildlife
  • 150 t+
    Restores delicate ecosystems

As Carbon Neutral grows, the company is expanding its BRCO generating projects and is now managing and planting properties in Southwest Australia Ecoregion.

Through planting species highly adapted to the region the revegetation project encourages the reintroduction of endangered species and combats desertification in this Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

In addition to capturing carbon, these plantings provide crucial habitat for hundreds of species of unique flora and fauna.

Co-benefits include employment and training opportunities for local people, contribution to local business and ongoing consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities.

Purchasing offsets allows for the continuation of planting projects that restore fragile ecosystems as well as sequestering carbon.

Download the factsheet for more information.


Carbon is sequestered over a number of years by these native mixed species trees and shrubs. To satisfy any claims of carbon offsetting (or climate neutrality) an equivalent number of verified carbon offset credits from a (Climate Active compliant) international project will be ‘paired’ or ‘stapled’ to your order – guaranteeing real carbon capture straight away.

Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets are not registered under a formal certification framework. Instead, A qualified third party independently verifies the project to ensure that 1 carbon credit = 1 tonne CO2-e.

Cancellation of these Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets is on Carbon Neutral’s internal registry, guaranteeing each credit cannot be resold.

Please be advised we are unable to provide individual serial numbers for online transactions.

Achieving Climate Active certification is a process we can facilitate, but it’s not achieved by default by purchasing BRCOs.


What: Be a partner to have access to our brand assets and be listed on our Partners Directory  for 12 months.

Why: Show your commitment to combating climate change.

How: Purchase at least the minimum, based on organisation size in the table below.

  • Small businesses (< 8 staff) : 35 tonnes
  • Medium business (8 – 20 staff) : 70 tonnes
  • Mid-size business (21 – 50 staff) : 150 tonnes
  • Large business (51+ staff) : 230 tonnes
  • Corporate : 420 tonnes

You can then make additional contributions according to your sales or marketing campaign.

If you meet the criteria our team will send you the Brand Toolkit for Partners so you can select the brand assets for your marketing.

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What our partners are saying
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"We are absolutely thrilled to be able to contribute to help reduce the harmful effects on the environment."

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"We value the ability to partner with organisations such as Carbon Neutral to reduce the environmental harm of our operations."

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"It has been such pleasure to plant trees and re-wild parts of Australia together with Carbon Neutral since 2014."

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"Carbon Neutral has been invaluable in helping us choose which projects we support with carbon removal credits."

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"Engaging Carbon Neutral has given us a sense of certainty that our offsets and tree planting efforts are being done correctly"

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"Carbon Neutral's wealth of knowledge and support was a key reason as to why we decided to team up with them to help us. "

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"Plant-a-Tree is an accessible and significant part of our evolving mission to be a more environmentally responsible business."

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"We are proud to contribute to projects managed by Carbon Neutral and believe the offsetting program is an important step towa"

Become a Carbon Neutral Partner

Together our partners have helped to plant over 29.5 million trees and shrubs to restore the Australian environment and offset hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon through accredited offsets.