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Hebei Yuxian Wind Power Project – China

$6.63 (USD) per tonne

  • Type: Renewable Energy - Wind Power
  • Location: Yuxian County, Hebei Province, China
  • Vintage: 2016 - 18
  • Estimated reductions:  111, 243 CO2-e per year
    You may be eligible to become a Carbon Neutral Partner when you purchase offsets from this project.   For purchases over 500 tonnes please contact us.


This large-scale wind farm project in China’s Hebei Province converts the potential energy of wind into electricity and supplies energy to the grid. 

The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the dependency on fossil fuel consumption by replacing the electricity generated by fossil fuel fired power plants of the North China Grid (NCPG). It contributes to the sustainable development of the local community by means of employment opportunities. 

There is no consumption of fossil fuels and hence no greenhouse gas emissions.

View the project factsheet for more information.

What You Need To Know

These carbon offsets are permanently retired on a registry guaranteeing each credit cannot be resold.

*Please be advised we are unable to provide individual serial numbers for online transactions.

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Organisations that have shown a considerable commitment to the environment through their contributions to our programs are entitled to a page on our Partner Directory and use of our brand assets including the Carbon Neutral Partner logo for 12 months. You can then make additional contributions according to your sales or marketing campaign.

  • Small business (< 8 staff) : 50 tonnes
  • Medium business (8 – 20 staff) : 70 tonnes
  • Mid-size business (21- 50 staff) : 150 tonnes
  • Large business (51+ staff) : 230 tonnes
  • Corporate : 420 tonnes

If you meet the criteria our team will send you the Brand Toolkit for Partners so you can select the brand assets for your marketing.

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Verra VCUs


Carbon offsetting projects are verified to provide assurance on quality and accountability.

Verra Standard

Verra manages and develops standards to provide greater quality assurance for projects and activities that are delivering sustainable development and climate action goals.

Verra Standard is among the most widely used quality assurance systems for accounting for GHG emissions reductions in the voluntary carbon market.

What are VCUs?

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) accredited by Verra are globally recognised.

VCUs are an eligible offset under the Australian Federal Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.