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Plant-a-Tree Conservation Program – Australia

$2.34 (USD) each

The program aims to restore the natural landscape and reconnect habitats by linking small patches of remaining vegetation to create a 200km corridor from inland to the coast.

You may be eligible to become a Carbon Neutral Partner* when you purchase this product.


Trees are a vital element of life. They capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere giving us clean air to breathe and helping us to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Plant-a-Tree Program has a positive impact on climate change and directly contributes to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Your purchase can have a big impact on climate change and will help to restore a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot.

View the factsheet for more information. 

What you need to know

Plant-a-Tree helps to restore an important biodiverse habitat for future generations. However, it is not a carbon offset product. You cannot claim carbon neutrality or offset your footprint or reduce greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing trees. 

Our guarantee

You buy one, we plant one.

For every tree purchased we plant an Australian native tree or shrub species in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. We plant on unproductive, degraded farmland with the aim of returning the land to its original condition and restoring the precious ecosystems within it.

Our trees are protected for 100 years by a carbon covenant and carbon right registered with the state government on the land title. This ensures the trees cannot be removed or compromised, even if the land is sold. 

Partner with us

What: Be a partner to have access to our Plant-a-Tree partner banner and be listed on our Partner Directory  for 12 months.

Why: Show your commitment to combating climate change.

How: Purchase at least the minimum, based on organisation size in the table below. 

Small businesses (< 8 staff) : 200 trees
Medium business (8 – 20 staff) : 400 trees
Mid-size business (21 – 50 staff) : 600 trees
Large business (51+ staff) : 800 trees
Corporate : 1000 trees

If you meet the criteria our team will send you the Brand Toolkit for Partners so you can select the brand assets for your marketing.

How many trees?

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    You will be
  • Contributing to a sustainable future
  • A Carbon Neutral Partner*
  • Creating homes for native Australian wildlife
  • Helping to restore biodiversity
  • Growing the largest carbon sink in Australia

Is this product for me?

No rigorous carbon emission assessment

Suitable for all budgets

Everyone can join

How Plant-a-Tree makes a difference

Why trees?

Trees and plants are vital for life on our planet. As well as enhancing air quality, trees improve the soil, water and ecological condition of an area.

Trees and carbon

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it back into oxygen and water through a process called photosynthesis.
Over a life-time, a Eucalypt tree can remove nearly a tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere whilst on average large shrub species can remove close to 500 kg of carbon dioxide.

What do you plant?

Each year after the first rain of winter we plant mixed native species including eucalyptus, acacia, banksia and melaleuca.
In 2020, we planted over 60 different species of trees and shrubs indigenous to the region.

Habitat restoration

More than 90% of the area where we plant has been cleared for agriculture.
As well as enhancing air quality, trees improve the soil, water and ecological condition of an area.
The establishment of native plant species improves ecosystems and creates habitats for birds, insects and animals.

What our partners are saying
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"I've learnt so much in the process of becoming carbon neutral, I'm looking forward to it being our new standard as a company."

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"We're committed to continue planting native trees with Carbon Neutral, to help secure a healthy and sustainable future. "

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"We've been able to achieve our organisation's sustainability goals through both offsetting and the Plant-a-Tree program."

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"We are proud to purchase trees from Carbon Neutral to help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere."

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"Our partnership with Carbon Neutral allows us to bring the brand values to life in a very real and localised way."

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"They tailor-made an events carbon calculator to start our journey in becoming Australia’s 1st carbon negative music venue."

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"Plant-a-Tree has been a great way for our business to do something significant to help the climate and biodiversity crisis."

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"Our customers love knowing that their purchase goes towards planting trees in our backyard!"