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Wilyun Pools awarded at 2022 National Landcare Conference


Michael Cooper


August 2022

Carbon Neutral would like to offer huge congratulations to Sylvia Leighton and Peter Mckenzie for their success in winning the Australian Government Landcare Farming Award at the 2022 National Landcare Conference.

Sylvia and Peter farm Wilyun Pools Farm, a 1214-hectare property located in Wellstead District, 100 kilometres northeast of Albany on the south coast.

Carbon Neutral partnered with Sylvia and Peter to help protect this vital habitat for threatened species and expand it with new biodiverse plantings, under the banner of ConservAction.

This part of south west Australia has the highest concentration of rare and endangered species on the planet, with 577 animal species listed as threatened. Therefore, the work that Peter and Sylvia do provides critical protection and food sources for endangered wildlife such as the Painted Button-quail (boorloom), Australasian Bittern (boordenitj) and Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (ngolak).

ConservAction is ensuring that these biodiverse ecosystems in the project area are protected in the long-term through Carbon Neutral securing a 100-year protection agreement on the land title.

Nearly 1.2 million trees and shrubs across approximately 30 hectares have been planted at Wilyun Pools in the last decade which reconnect to the remnant bushland. More than 40 hectares of new biodiverse plantings each year will continue to grow these green corridors.

In addition to conserving habitat, Peter and Sylvia’s work is regenerating soil and countering the landscape legacies of agriculture.

Late last year we sat down with Peter and Sylvia to learn more about their work and an extended article is available here.

To learn more about ways in which you can support the ConservAction project at Wilyun Pools click here.

Feature image courtesy: WA Landcare Network Inc

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