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Strategic Partnership with Save the Children Announced


Carbon Neutral


September 2023

Since its inception over two decades ago, Carbon Neutral has remained committed to ensuring equitable treatment for Indigenous peoples and local communities within the context of carbon markets and the carbon farming endeavours pursued by the organisation. The company acknowledges its role as stewards of the land on which they have planted over 30,000,000 trees, plants, and shrubs. It recognises that Indigenous Australians as the traditional custodians of this land, and their cultural wisdom and insight are pivotal for achieving fairness and adhering to best practices.

Over the last two years, Carbon Neutral has broadened its scope of operations to optimise the positive effects it can facilitate in addressing the global climate crisis alongside its partners and collaborators.

We are thrilled to announce a substantial partnership between Carbon Neutral and the globally renowned charity, Save the Children. In recent years, Save the Children has collaborated with specialists from Natural Carbon to develop an initial carbon fairness standard. This newly established partnership will see Carbon Neutral and Save the Children continuing to implement the standard for carbon projects initiated by their associated communities, as well as those initiated by others.

Initially over a period of five years, Carbon Neutral will be providing a range of new services to Save The Children including carbon footprint measurement and carbon project development. The alliance between Carbon Neutral and Save the Children will extend the carbon fairness standard to projects cultivated with Indigenous communities. The partnership will also take on the responsibilities of Natural Carbon in assisting their global partner communities in accessing carbon markets.

Carbon Neutral CEO, Dr Phil Ireland said “Being an impact-driven organisation, Carbon Neutral couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. This is an exceptional opportunity with significant potential to enhance our operations and contribute even further to a positive impact on both climate change and Indigenous communities. This endeavour will enable Carbon Neutral to collaborate closely with Indigenous carbon project partners, ensuring robust support from a provider aligned with shared values throughout and beyond this transitional phase”.

Carbon Neutral wishes to express gratitude to Natural Carbon for establishing a model that acts as a launchpad for magnifying positive effects in the forthcoming years. The organisation eagerly anticipates accomplishing even more positive outcomes for the planet, Indigenous communities, and global biodiversity over the next five years and beyond.

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