The Carbon Calculator

Carbon Neutral was one of the first businesses in Australia to create an online carbon calculator.

Within the calculator there are 10 categories that cover the most common activities associated with GHG emissions. The standard calculator (default) will give you a good indication based on averages. If you’d like to add more detailed data you can create an account and use our advanced calculator.

How it works

Enter the data for each activity that is relevant to you and for the period you wish to measure. Carbon footprints generally cover a period of 12 months, but other time scales can be used e.g. to calculate the emissions from a particular event or project.

You can choose to measure for a calendar year or financial year (or part thereof). For accuracy, you will need to be consistent and enter data for the same period for each emissions factor.

To include GHG emissions from activities not listed on the online carbon calculator, please contact us.

Who is this for?

The calculator is suitable for individuals and small to medium business that wish to make a difference but that don’t necessarily have a complex footprint.

Your emissions have been updated