Carbon Footprint Assessment

How it works

One of our consultants will review all the relevant data from your business around energy use, water use, waste, transport, packaging etc and carry out the calculations for your assessment. All material emission sources – anything that contributes more than 1% of overall emissions – should be included where possible.

We use Australian and internationally recognised methodologies and standards in our calculations.

After the assessment is completed, you will be delivered an Greenhouse Gas Inventory (Carbon Footprint) Report that details your carbon emissions for the period. Suitable offsetting options can then be provided should you wish to offset some or all of these emissions.

You will be able to claim carbon neutrality based on your Report which provides transparency for how your footprint has been calculated and outlines the activities included and the methodology and emissions factors used to calculate this.

The extent of your ‘carbon neutral’ status in the report can be attributed to the elimination of 100% of the emissions of your activities.

The outcome of your assessment is presented in a report which clearly outlines your various GHG emissions sources and provides transparency as to how these have been calculated.

Measuring and reporting your carbon footprint will:

  • Provide transparency about the methodology, assumptions and references used to quantify the carbon footprint.
  • Demonstrate and promote your commitment to measuring and monitoring certain environmental aspects of your business’ operations.
  • Assist with the education of your colleagues and stakeholders of the sources of GHG emissions.
  • Quantify the amount of carbon offsets that would need to be purchased for the business to claim ‘carbon neutrality’.

Who is this for?

Suitable for business owners who wish to claim carbon neutrality but are not seeking to achieve ISO certification or the Australian government’s Climate Active certification.

Your emissions have been updated