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Since January 2023


Self-storage and warehousing

Silver Partnership
2400 trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.


Don’t let the word “storage” put you off – TAXIBOX is anything but dull. We've been disrupting the traditional self-storage industry for over a decade now.

We take the hassle and stress out of storage by keeping it simple. We deliver TAXIBOXES wherever our customers need. Customers can pack at their own pace, or let us lend a hand. We store the TAXIBOX until it’s needed back. Easy.

It’s always been our mission to give our customers the space they need, so they can get on with the good stuff. Our sustainability initiatives are designed with this in mind – with a goal to keep the good stuff in life GOOD.

As a business, we’ve been playing our part by taking care of the people in our lives; actively supporting our communities, offering paid volunteer leave, and donating to charities nationwide.

We’ve also been taking care of the planet we live on; creating a positive impact with green energy, sourcing materials responsibly, and contributing to the regeneration of our ecosystem, by planting one tree for every TAXIBOX booking placed.

We’re still growing these initiatives, and can’t wait to keep learning as we go. Watch this space for even more good stuff.
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