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SPS Facilities

Since January 2013



Bronze Partnership
1606+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

About SPS Facilities

SPS Facilities provides commercial cleaning and associated property services to all levels of Industry throughout Australia and are committed to the protection of the environment.

This is achieved by continually improving our environmental performance, preventing pollution, and minimising and controlling our waste in order to provide safe working and living environments.

To achieve these goals SPS has established objectives and targets and measure our performance against them. We also continuously strive for environmental improvement through initiatives such as:
• Put in place solar panels to sustainably power our premises
• Have in place vehicle recharge stations at work to encourage the use of electric vehicles
• Consider the environmental implications of all purchasing and investment decisions
• Collaborate with supply companies that develop sustainable products, which work effectively and ensure ‘no damage’ to the environment.
• Consider favourably suppliers of goods and service who pursue good environmental management practices
• Partner with Carbon Neutral so we can offset our carbon footprint
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