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Prestige Foods Australia

Since July 2021



Green Partnership
600 trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

About Prestige Foods Australia

Since 1990, Prestige Foods Australia’s focus has been in creating culinary experiences, by developing products for the food service, retail and food manufacturing industries. They were the first manufacturer of natural stocks and sauces in Australia and continue to innovate and develop their ever expanding range of stocks, sauces, bone broths and grains & pulses.

Prestige Foods Australia works hard to reduce the number of plastics coming into the facility, particularly those associated with the packaging of meat. They use only biodegradable or recyclable packaging for products, this includes totally eliminating polystyrene.

Prestige Foods Australia will also soon be reusing the spent materials from stock production (bones and vegetables) as a base for pet food, to further eliminate waste.
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