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Pacific Hoists

Since April 2020


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Silver Partnership
1574+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

About Pacific Hoists

Pacific Hoists is a privately owned Materials Handling Australian family business founded in 1976 to market the Hitachi range of electric chain hoists. Today, the company enjoys an enviable market leading position in both the Australian and New Zealand lifting and materials handling markets.

Pacific Hoists is committed to a long-term strategy that prioritises reducing our impact on the environment. We have contributed to reforestation efforts in New Zealand and Australia through the Rameka Reforestation and Restoration Carbon Project and the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Reforestation Project. This led us into supporting Indigenous communities in traditional back-burnings in Australia as part of the Southern Aurukun Savanna Burning Project. Our projects are recognised by the international Environmental Registry, the Commonwealth Government, and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register.

With all aspects of the business and employees accounted for, we are proud to say that Pacific Hoists, is a carbon neutral company, one of the first in our industry.
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