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Newborn Mothers

Since September 2019


Education, research and training

Green Partnership
1089 trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

About Newborn Mothers

Julia Jones is a postnatal doula leading a worldwide renaissance in the way we care for Newborn Mothers. She has created a new paradigm for postpartum care by merging traditional medicine and culture with cutting-edge research on hormones and neurology.

Julia is the author of both Nourishing Newborn Mothers - Ayurvedic Recipes to Heal your Mind, Body and Soul after Childbirth and Newborn Mothers - When a Baby is Born So is a Mother. Julia is also the creator of the worldwide leading education resource for postpartum professionals: Newborn Mothers Collective and Newborn Mothers Breastfeeding an evidence-based training for professionals who work with mothers.

Julia is a doula, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She lives between the river and the ocean in her home town of North Fremantle, with her husband, three children and pet rabbit. She loves gardening and drinking copious cups of tea.
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