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Instant Classic

Since June 2021


Retail and online retail

Green Partnership
73+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

About Instant Classic

Instant Classic is not your average online hi-fi store. We specialise in what we like to call the "slow-food of music systems": The principles of great-sounding audio haven't really changed in the past 50 years, but convenience and fashion have taken us backwards. We're going back to basics, by selling proper systems that are built to last for years and years, without the trouble of abstract information or scary prices.

The manufacturing and use of consumer hi-fi electronics does not come without significant environmental costs though, and we want to do what we can to reduce our impact on the world; which is why we're proud to say that we've spent a considerable amount of time researching and measuring our embodied carbon emissions, and buying offsets on a quarterly basis in order to alleviate these costs as best we can.
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