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ECO Modern Essentials

Since April 2020


Retail and online retail

Gold Partnership
964+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

7683+ trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

About ECO Modern Essentials

ECO. Modern Essentials is a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing.

Their aim is to simplify aromatherapy by sourcing and delivering pure essential oils and blends that are easy to use and incorporate into daily life. They work closely with our team of botanists, chemists and aromatherapists to develop the most effective essential oil blends and provide the best possible education on aromatherapy. From the source to your home, ECO. aims to deliver quality natural ingredients and encourage a way of living grounded in respect for nature, connection to our environment and self-care. By inspiring more individuals to appreciate our natural resources, practicing self-care and taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint on this earth, ECO. Modern Essentials hopes to help drive change in the world.
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