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Company Chairman

Denis Watson has over 40 years CEO experience in private and public companies across the manufacturing, mining, telecommunications and wholesale sectors.

He has a strong understanding of carbon sequestration operations through his Chairmanship and shareholding in Auscarbon Pty Ltd. Denis is a former executive director and major shareholder of WA Woollen Mills. (B Econs)

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Chief Executive Officer

Ray joined Carbon Neutral as CEO in 2010. A background in agribusiness led him to explore the benefits of carbon farming and the revegetation of unproductive farmland. He is proud of the company's success in providing natural solutions for addressing climate change.

A leading player in the Australian voluntary carbon market, Carbon Neutral hold a unique position as carbon consultants, an offset retailer and owner-manager of Australia's only Gold Standard certified project.

Carbon Neutral has reinvigorated rural communities and restored biodiversity as demonstrated in the restoration of 14,000 hectares of the award-winning Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

Up until January 2020, Ray was part-time CEO with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. Previous executive and management positions in agribusiness include an agricultural economist role with a large corporate cattle farming enterprise, CEO, and board member positions with several farmer organisations and state manager roles in rural banking.

Ray is the responsible manager under Carbon Neutral's Australian Financial Services licence and holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics and a Master of Business (Marketing).

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General Manager

Georgiana has worked in senior-level coordination, execution and management across several large and complex environments in the corporate sector.

Before joining Carbon Neutral in 2014, Georgiana worked abroad for many years including as the Executive Project Manager at BDO LLP in its Executive Office in London.

Georgiana has performed at a senior level managing timelines, productivity and stakeholder expectations of large-scale projects in global telecommunications companies including Worldcom and MFS Communications. As the european market opened up through deregulation Georgiana was involved in project management, customer service and product development roles throughout Europe.

She has worked in programme and transition management roles in DotDash Ltd, IG Index and Brookfield Multiplex.

With her breadth of knowledge of the carbon market and understanding of the product offering, Georgiana simplifies information for stakeholders so that they better understand the complexities of greenhouse gas emissions and offsets.

She holds a deep love of the natural environment (and in particular trees) having grown up on a farm in Australia. While at university, she volunteered with MOTT (Trillion Trees) to grow 1,200 native eucalypts from seed in her backyard and plant along the banks of the salt-affected Gordon River.

Ann Elliott profile


Customer Engagement and Relations Manager

Anna joined Carbon Neutral in 2014, having worked within the wider carbon abatement and habitat restoration sector since 2009.

Drawing on several years of experience across a range of industries both in Western Australia and overseas, she is involved in all facets of Carbon Neutral's operations, including customer relations, administration, finance and communications.

Anna draws on her refined critical thinking skills when decision making to ensure that she supports the best possible outcome. She builds and strengthens relationships with clients and provides them with the resources to achieve their goals. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws.

Anna has an inherent respect for the natural world that is a product of her family's historical rural ties. She sees the significant and ongoing need to combat climate change as one we should all be taking steps to achieve. Anna is particularly keen to encourage younger generations to have a curiosity towards nature, so they too develop a respect and awareness for the environment.

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Customer Engagement and Relations Officer

Pauna handles customer enquiries, account management and basic carbon footprint consulting at Carbon Neutral. She joined the company in February 2020 and wants to assist all businesses and organisations in their journey to become "carbon neutral".

She is also completing her PhD research at Murdoch University, focusing on Environmental Education and the potential impact on Social Capacity Building for Youth.

Her main passion is travelling. She spent 3 years living abroad in Japan and travelled extensively through North America, Europe and Asia. The experiences and interactions with locals and other travellers sparked her interest in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction practices.

In her previous lives, Pauna taught English in Japan, worked in banking and B2B sales and marketing for FMCG. Transitioning to the environmental sector has provided Pauna with a steep, yet enjoyable learning curve.

Pauna has a B.A. in Communication Studies, a B.Comm (Hons) in Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science.

Kat Rischbieth profile


Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

Kat joined the team at Carbon Neutral at the beginning of 2020. She manages our brand, delivers communications to key stakeholders and develops marketing to reach new audiences.

Her professional experience lies in digital communications, having executed content and social marketing campaigns for corporate and niche companies from a diverse range of sectors. She holds a BA (English) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Communications.

Kat has always been interested in the natural world, from growing up on the coast and exploring outback Australia to watching endless David Attenborough documentaries. Though it was in her 20s when travelling around Australia that she really developed a strong connection to land. As such, she places a high value on protecting the environment and advocates for action on climate change.

Kat's environmental outlook combine with her digital marketing skills in this role, allowing her to have an influence and affect positive change on a critical issue.

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Senior Carbon Advisor

Scott joined Carbon Neutral in 2012 and has conducted hundreds of environmental assessments for business as our Senior Carbon Advisor. His focus is on Environmental Management System development and implementation, environmental legislative compliance, energy auditing, water auditing, and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting and reduction planning.

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the environmental health field as well as experience working across a broad range of industry sectors to develop systems and capabilities that promote better resource use.

He has a thorough knowledge of national and state environmental legislation, associated legal frameworks, international and quality standards and environmental and food safety management systems. Scott is committed to helping businesses improve energy, water and waste efficiency through raising organisational and staff awareness of GHG emissions.

Education: Bachelor of Science (Env Health), Diploma (Business)

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Carbon Advisor

Climate Active Registered Consultant

Heidi is a highly experienced sustainability professional. She reduces the barriers to stakeholder participation by taking a common sense, business-centric approach.

Since 2013 she has worked with more than 100 businesses and enabled them to achieve and maintain carbon neutrality. Heidi's expert guidance sees organisations take incremental steps to improve their carbon footprint and manage their climate risks.

Heidi has extensive experience of carbon neutral certification and development of carbon audits in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Climate Active standard. Heidi also conducts energy audits to the AS/NZS 3598 standard and waste audits.

Education: Diploma of Carbon Management, Swinburne University of Technology      x
Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations, University of Melbourne
Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics, University of Melbourne
Bachelor in Economics and Commerce, Southern Denmark Business School

Rosie Labonne profile


Group Financial Controller

Rosie joined Carbon Neutral in 2016, bringing more than 20 years of professional accounting experience acquired from various industries. She is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountant (A.C.C.A.) and holds a master degree in Business Administrations (MBA) from Murdoch University in WA.

She is passionate about trees and about protecting our environment and is proud to support Carbon Neutral's reforestation project in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

Peter Chai profile



Peter joined Carbon Neutral in 2017 as an accountant but is also called upon for his many other talents. Having a passion for IT and a remarkable knowledge of it, he has become the first port of call for any IT related issues in the office.

Peter started his career in public practice and moved on to commercial accounting in 2007. He has acquired valuable practical experience in the accounts receivable, accounts payable and management reporting. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance).

Since joining the team Peter has embraced the work done by Carbon Neutral and finds it a privilege to be part of the long fight towards restoring the environment.

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Plantation Manager

Geoff has worked all his life with trees. Geoff is a natural resources consultant specialising in carbon assessment, fire management, soil and site assessment, forest and plantation valuations and all management aspects of native and established forests and vegetation areas. His experience includes Forestry Department Divisional Manager; General Manager of Bunnings Treefarms; and Contracts Manager for a plantation company. Geoff was awarded a Life Membership of the Australian Forest Growers for his significant contribution to the private forestry sector. Geoff is also a member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, the Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia and is a Registered Professional Forester. BSc (Forestry), MSc (Natural Resources)

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Dan has been involved in reforestation in WA since his school years, planting trees and working in nurseries and has planted forests every year since.

Dan completed his PhD in broadacre low-rainfall reforestation at the University of Western Australia, School of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, in 2003.

He was fortunate to work as a forester in commercial plantation forestry, before working as a forester in the development of new tree crops and opportunities, with a focus on the vast low rainfall areas in Western Australia.

Respected for his practical work ethic, Dan has a friendly and knowledgeable approach to his profession and passion.

Dan and his family have a strong commitment to the revegetation of the Australian landscape with native forests. and Dan values and thoroughly enjoys working with the Carbon Neutral team.


Planting Contractor

Tim is from a farming background and has over 10 years of experience in low rainfall agroforestry in Western Australia. Tim has played a significant role in the development and expansion of forestry industries in the medium and low rainfall areas of the WA Wheatbelt. For many years, Tim worked as a native plant industry development manager, coordinating the planning, implementation, establishment and management of commercial native plant projects in low rainfall areas. Tim has been working with us since 2009 as our primary biodiversity project establishment contractor.ENRM).B Bus (Agric)