Meet the Team Denis Watson

Denis Watson

Company Chairman

Denis Watson has over 40 years CEO experience in private and public companies across the manufacturing, mining, telecommunications and wholesale sectors. He has a strong understanding of carbon sequestration operations through his Chairmanship and shareholding in Auscarbon Pty Ltd. Denis is a former executive director and major shareholder of WA Woollen Mills. (B Econs)

Ray Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Ray joined Carbon Neutral as CEO in 2010. He has a diverse background in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors. This includes agribusiness consulting; executive and board member positions with a number of farmer organisations; as well as a major corporate cattle and farming operation. More recently, he has held State Manager positions in rural banking divisions with both Elders and Landmark. 

He is also part-time Executive Director of Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund; responsible manager under the Carbon Neutral's Australian Financial Services licence; and a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WA) Climate Change Committee.

Ray sees the emerging low carbon market providing significant opportunities for rural communities to generate economic, environmental and community benefits by re-vegetating unproductive farmland to create reforestation carbon credits. 

Ray holds Bachelor of Agricultural Economics and Master of Business (Marketing) degrees.

Kent Broad

Business Development

Kent is a founding director of Carbon Neutral.  Having grown up in the Mid West region as a farmer and pastoralist for over 35 years, Kent has a long term vision and passion to revitalise rural Australia by providing environmental, social, economic and heritage solutions. This includes creating employment opportunities and participation for local Indigenous people and recognition of Traditional Owners. Kent is jointly responsible for successfully developing and establishing more than 10,000 ha of biodiverse revegetation carbon projects within the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor and Kent is now expanding his role through business development.

With an in-depth understanding of the Australian and International carbon market and the low carbon economy, Kent encourages businesses to de-carbonise whilst not compromising sustainable growth. Kent is a director of the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), a non-profit organisation supporting people to support the natural environment. MLM Curtin Business School

Scott Favacho

Senior Carbon Consultant

Scott has over 20 years experience in the environmental health field as well as experience working across a broad range of industry sectors to develop systems and capabilities that promote better resource use. Scott has a proven record of developing and managing successful sustainable and energy efficiency projects for businesses, local governments, the education sector and the not for profit sector. He has gained a thorough knowledge of national and state environmental legislation, associated legal frameworks, international and quality standards, environmental and food safety management systems. Scott is committed to helping businesses improve energy, water and waste efficiency through engaging staff and staff awareness.  Scott is also able to conduct lifecycle assessments of buildings and built environments having completed eTool LCA Advanced Training.  eTool allows an assessment of the whole of life environmental impacts associated with construction activities so that an assessment of building performance utilising best practice can be conducted against business as usual. eTool is compliant with numerous “green building” rating schemes including Green Star, EN15978 and ISO 14044.

He has conducted hundreds of business environmental assessments focusing on the areas of Environmental Management System development and implementation, environmental legislative compliance, energy auditing, water auditing, carbon measurement, reporting and reduction planning. BSc (Env Health), Diploma (Business)

Key Working Relationships

Carbon Neutral group undertake biodiverse tree plantings and manage the production of biodiverse reforestation carbon offsets in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia.

Carbon Neutral group is Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink developer, manager and landowner, with over 11,000 hectares of biodiverse plantings to date. Carbon Neutral group have proven capacity and capabilities to plant mixed native species on a large scale on marginal farming land. We provides guaranteed outcomes and minimises transaction costs through wholly owned planting sites. Carbon Neutral group was the first company to issue carbon offsets under the Commonwealth Government’s original accreditation scheme, Greenhouse FriendlyTM.

Other personnel associated with Carbon Neutral group are


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Geoff McArthur

Plantation Manager

Geoff has worked all his life with trees.  Geoff is a natural resources consultant specialising in carbon assessment, fire management, soil and site assessment, forest and plantation valuations and all management aspects of native and established forests and vegetation areas. His experience includes Forestry Department Divisional Manager; General Manager of Bunnings Treefarms; and Contracts Manager for a plantation company. Geoff was awarded a Life Membership of the Australian Forest Growers for his significant contribution to the private forestry sector. Geoff is also a member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, the Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia and is a Registered Professional Forester. BSc (Forestry), MSc (Natural Resources)

1607_08-Geoff Woodall-179 x 250 pixels

Dr Geoff Woodall

Revegetation Agronomist 

Geoff is a native plant agronomist and provides commercial revegetation technical services to us. He is a part time Assistant Professor at University of Western Australia's Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM). His research and development work focuses on developing new native plant industries and developing improved revegetation techniques and systems. BSc Hort Hons, PhD:


Tim Emmott

Planting Contractor

Tim is from a farming background and has over 10 years experience in low rainfall agroforestry in Western Australia. Tim has played a significant role in the development and expansion of forestry industries in the medium and low rainfall areas of the WA Wheatbelt. For many years, Tim worked as a native plant industry development manager, coordinating the planning, implementation, establishment and management of commercial native plant projects in low rainfall areas. Tim has been working with us since 2009 as our primary biodiversity project establishment contractor.ENRM). B Bus (Agric)