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Chemform: A Carbon Neutral case study


Carbon Neutral


June 2024

Chemform is committed to protecting people and the environment through safer cleaning and environmentally responsible products and programs. Taking that ethos to the next level, Chemform committed to supporting the environment by partnering with Carbon Neutral in 2010.

Chemform is a family owned and operated Australian chemical manufacturer and distributer. From their humble beginnings in Western Australia, Chemform’s commitment to its core values has enabled the company to grow and develop a national footprint. Chemform supplies cleaning products and solutions to a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, health and aged care, facilities management, education, and industrial.

At Chemform, a defining vision was developed – to create non-dangerous but equally effective cleaning chemicals. Their chemists investigated scientific technology that could produce safer alternatives. After rigorous testing and innovation, Chemform introduced a range of safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products, suitable for plenty of applications across many industries.

Sustainable manufacturing and quality assurance is fundamental to Chemform’s business. Working closely with Carbon Neutral for many years, Chemform offsets a share of their annual carbon emissions, and in 2023, Chemform committed to further enhanced environmental sustainability by planting thousands of trees through the Plant-A-Tree program.

“We’ve always been proud to be a family oriented company, and a healthy environment is our legacy for future generations – the family still to come. We’re committed to taking action to protect our planet through offsetting our carbon emissions, and supporting reforestation and natural ecosystems in partnership with Carbon Neutral. We’ve gone above and beyond to make the responsible choice easy for our customers. Our decision to pursue environmentally preferable products and business practices reflects our dedication towards positive outcomes.”

Kathleen Cianfagna, Managing Director of Chemform

The business case

Chemform wanted to help their customers easily understand how the decisions and purchases they make can have a significant impact on the eco-system. The solution was beautifully simple– a transparent one-for-one transaction, with a native tree or shrub planted for every purchase of a 3x5L carton of Chemform’s popular Sapphire Concentrate range.

Chemform’s Sapphire Concentrate range has built a reputation based on its performance, compact and colour-coded design, cost-effectiveness, safety features, and commitment to environmental sustainability, including third-party GECA certification as a Good Environmental Choice.

For every 3x5L carton of Sapphire Concentrate purchased, one native tree or native shrub is planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, with thousands contributed by Chemform. By choosing Sapphire Concentrate products, customers are not just making an environmentally conscious choice – they’re helping to combat climate change.

 “When given the choice, many consumers would select an environmentally preferable option. At Chemform, we provide quality-assured cleaning solutions that are effective and eco-conscious. Programs like Carbon Neutral’s Plant-A-Tree program are a fantastic way for our company and customers to support the global efforts to reduce impact on our environment. We take great pride in our longstanding partnership with Carbon Neutral, and we’re excited about offering such a simple and effective way to care for our environment.”

Kathleen Cianfagna, Managing Director, Chemform

Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

We’ve developed Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink on degraded landscapes in Southwest Australia.

The Corridor project supports Gold Standard-certified carbon offset credits (VERs and PERs) and independently certified Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets.

The project contributes socio-economic co-benefits and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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