Our Board

Nigel Sharp

With a 30 year background as a qualified valuer, and experience running a listed company trust, Nigel has worked in senior positions across the property funds management and property development industries, including both rural and urban property projects.

Originally from a farm outside of Geelong in Victoria, Nigel also has a long history in agriculture and biodiversity conservation that has seen him become a leading figure in the Australian regenerative agriculture industry.

Nigel is co-owner of Mt. Rothwell Interpretation and Biodiversity Centre and Founder and Chairman of Odonata Foundation.

Harry Youngman

Harry has been involved in agricultural production and property investing for 25 years, including grazing farmland in Southwest Victoria involving lamb and beef production, along with forestry operation, to indigenous grassland management.

Harry’s knowledge of soil science, plant biology and animal breeding has enabled him to successfully establish a soil amelioration program enhancing sustainable productivity of farmland.

Denis Watson

Denis Watson has over 40 years CEO experience in private and public companies across the manufacturing, mining, telecommunications and wholesale sectors.

He has a strong understanding of carbon sequestration operations through his Chairmanship and shareholding in Auscarbon Pty Ltd. Denis is a former executive director and major shareholder of WA Woollen Mills. (B Econs).

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