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This online calculator can be used to estimate most annual direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.  This calculator is not designed to replace a comprehensive Carbon Footprint Analysis but to give the user a good indication of the most common greenhouse gas emitting activities.

Gathering Information - You will be required to gather information from sources like electricity bills, vehicle log books and travel agent spreadsheets.  If you have difficulty, averages are often available to make it easy.

Are you wishing to calculate your personal or household carbon footprint?  Please visit the Charitable Fund website

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    Vehicles 0 t CO2


    Assumes an annual travel period

    Assumes annual travel distance of 15,000 km

    Includes Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 3 (indirect) emissions

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    Electricity 0 t CO2

    Kilowatt Hours


    The emission factor used is the weighted average for all Australian States.

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    Waste 0 t CO2



    Assumes weekly collection frequency

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    Paper 0 t CO2



    If your type of paper is unknown, select Virgin

    The average A4 reem of 80gsm weighs 2.5kgs

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    Air Travel 0 t CO2


    'Short Haul' uses Melbourne to Brisbane return

    'Medium Haul' uses Sydney to Kuala Lumpur return

    'Long Haul' uses Melbourne to London return

    An uplift factor of 9% is used to account for indirect routes and delays / circling of planes.

    What is Radioactive Forcing Index (RFI)?:  The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has identified that aircraft emissions at altitude have a greater impact on the atmosphere due to other non-CO2 climate change effects from aviation (e.g. NOx, water vapour, contrails) and the RFI factors allows for these other impacts

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    Public Transport 0 t CO2



    Use 'Average Passenger Load' for off-peak travel

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    Events 0 t CO2



    Food & Drink


    Giveaways & Promotional Materials


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    Emission factors are updated regularly to industry standards.  For details of the sources used in this calculator, please see About Our Calculator.


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