Incredible new opportunities are always opening up in the sustainability market.

Currently, housing in Australia accounts for around 11 percent of its total greenhouse gas emissions. As a provider of practical and sustainable solutions in the carbon market, Carbon Neutral commends all innovations in sustainable housing that make properties healthy, efficient, comfortable and more affordable to live in.

An exciting future for Australian housing has begun through the Liveability Real Estate Framework which was developed from within the property marketing industry and is now owned and supported by CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

The program allows sales agents and property managers to identify, appraise and list an additional 17 Liveability Features, allowing homeowners to make the most informed decision possible.

There is overwhelming support for a national voluntary disclosure system that would measure, benchmark and communicate information on the carbon and energy performance of existing homes. While nationally consistent policies in Australia are being considered as part of the trajectory to zero energy (and carbon) homes, this new framework is an important step to inform consumers on how they can make more sustainable real estate choices.

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