Reforestation at the Preston Waters Project

Our forests are capturing carbon from the atmosphere and improving biological diversity in one of only 35 globally recognised ‘Hotspots’.

Areas of native flora and fauna are re-established as reforestation helps to create food, shelter and nesting habitats for rare and endangered species, including the Malleefowl, Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Western Spiny-tailed Skink and Karara Tecticornia Bulbosa.

Biodiversity ‘hotspots’ are globally recognised regions on our planet that adhere to two strict criteria:-

  1. They have at least 1,500 vascular plants as endemic – a high percentage of plant life found nowhere else on the planet.
  2. And 30% or less of its original natural vegetation.

The Southwest Australia Ecoregion is one such region.  ‘Hotspots’ represent just 2.3% of the earth's land surface but support more than half of the world’s most irreplaceable and threatened biodiversity.