Wednesday June 5th is World Environment Day, a 45 year UN tradition that raises awareness of environmental issues. Over 140 countries take part in the occasion and work together to spread awareness of all topics environmental, such as climate change, sustainable food production, environmental protection, and many more. This year’s theme is air pollution, addressing the high level of harmful or excessive pollutants in our atmosphere.

Approximately 7 billion people die prematurely each year due to air pollution[1], according to the World Health Organisation this is more than HIV, tuberculosis, and road accidents combined. Clearly this is an issue that requires more attention, and whether you are one person, a business, a social influencer, or a student, the World Environment Day provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Businesses that get into the action of World Environmental Day can register on the official website, providing some great PR opportunities as well as a UN certificate. Carbon Neutral’s Plant-a-Tree program fits perfectly with this year’s goals, and provides businesses new opportunities to boost their image as well as foster sustainable business practices moving forward. Our Plant-a-Tree program specialises in biodiverse plantings, restoring the environment to its natural state.

Trees are a valuable asset in our battle to reduce air pollution[2]. Excess Carbon Dioxide contributes to air pollution, and trees are an excellent way to sequester carbon from the air. Trees also absorb multiple pollutant gases, many of which are the most serious perpetrators of air pollution, and increase the concentration of oxygen in the air[3]. By taking part in a tree-planting initiative for World Environment Day, organisations will be supporting the reduction of air pollution today and every day.


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