AGL Energy Limited

"AGL have been working with Carbon Neutral for the past 12 months as a supplier of Gold Standard carbon credits for our Future Forests program. 

Gold Standard means the reforestation work they do is of the highest quality - both in terms of environmental and social benefits but also in terms of governance and methodology.

What makes it a particular pleasure to do business with Kent and the team at CN is that they are fantastic suppliers to work with. They are responsive, flexible and conduct themselves with high ethical and professional standards.

But more than that they are just nice people who have a genuine passion about what they do and their customers.

From the perspective of the Future Forests program we consider ourselves very lucky to be partnered with CN and look forward to working with them in the future." Alex Clarkin, AGL Energy Markets

Edith Cowan University

“Edith Cowan University has used Carbon Neutral to assist and support the organisation collect, assess and measure energy consumption over the past 5 years. During this time Carbon Neutral has supported us in completing our annual return on time and therefore enabled the University to recognise with clarity, levels of carbon creation.

Carbon Neutral has also provided advice and suggestions around how we can minimise energy consumption and also extend in to other areas which contribute to generation of carbon.

The level of knowledge and expertise provided has been invaluable in developing our understanding of `carbon` and allowed us to consider improvements in how and what we collect which contributes to our carbon footprint.

The team has always been forthcoming and extremely responsive when we have raised queries around technical or calculation methodology.

I would have no reservations recommending them as a preferred partner”. Kevin Hall, Manager Buildings and Services, Edith Cowan University


“The primary purpose of SavinGreen is to promote environmental sustainability.

This is achieved by our Conscious Corporate business model and at no extra cost to our clients. This model has enabled us to have purchased over 50,000 trees from Carbon Neutral since 2009. We chose Carbon Neutral because they establish large scale, biodiverse plantings with numerous direct social, economic and environmental benefits besides the all important goal of storing carbon for 100 years. I have personally visited and filmed the planted areas within the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor and seen first hand the impact on the environment that SavinGreen has, and continues to, contribute to”. Elizabeth Sigston, CEO SavinGreen video of our trees


“Chemform is passionate about a sustainable future and core to the Chemform Green Policy is our commitment to offsetting our unavoidable carbon emissions. Partnering with Carbon Neutral since 2011 has enabled us to do this transparently & successfully. Carbon Neutral’s long term vision, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, is a fantastic initiative and one we are proud to contribute to”. Peter Tzavellas, National Sales Manager

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

“Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is proud to partner with Carbon Neutral. Together we are progressively offsetting our unavoidable emissions in Australia. We chose Carbon Neutral because they are local and provide a full range of offsetting options. With Carbon Neutral, we have also been able to support renewable energy wind farm projects in third world countries”. Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

Quality Printers and Cartridges

For every order that contains a Premium Plus Cartridge, Quality Printers and Cartridges plants a tree on behalf of customers.“The Plant-a-Tree program has become an integral part of our business model and we’d love to have a forest called ‘Quality Printer Cartridges'". Lisa Spark, Director

Force Technology

Force Technology, Australia’s leading wholesaler of mobile phone peripherals, plants a tree for every branded product sold and differentiates themselves from the competition.  “We’re pleased to be a supporter of Carbon Neutral, and since our first donation in 2007, we’ve continued to see value in this fantastic program”.
Jake Minear, Director

Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale

“We strive to provide our clients with one of the purest mineral waters available but we also care about the planet’s well being. We aim to deliver Santa Vittoria from the source in Northern Italy to consumers with as little environmental impact as possible. We do this by offsetting the carbon emissions generated from the importation of Santa Vittoria mineral water into Australia and New Zealand. We believe this commitment is a significant step towards a more sustainable future and partnering with a recognised organisation such as Carbon Neutral adds another level of integrity to our environmental actions” Joshua Passaro, Brand Manager, Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale


Decmil Australia works with Carbon Neutral on a variety of sustainable projects including carbon footprinting and staff training.

"As a company, we strongly believe we have a responsibility to operate in a manner that is sustainable both financially as well as environmentally and socially. Working in partnership with Carbon Neutral we are continually reviewing and improving our environmental management practices to beyond just meeting the minimum legal compliance. We chose Carbon Neutral because of its positive reputation, the investment it makes into assuring credibility, and its clear, methodical approach to consulting. Carbon Neutral has continuously developed practical environmental programs which deliver real business value. With Carbon Neutral’s help we can further realise our aim to minimise the environmental impact of our activities."

Decmil Australia


Senversa is a leading environmental consulting firm including Victorian and South Australian EPA Appointed Environmental Auditors. "We provide specialist scientific, engineering, project and business management services. We are passionate about sustainability and have been using Carbon Neutral to offset our carbon usage since 2013. They provide a wonderful holistic service - helpful, efficient, effective and timely. With their help we are proud to say we are a carbon neutral business!" Ellen Connor, Financial Controller / Company Secretary

Homelover Cleaning

"Homelover Cleaning's vision is to accelerate the transition to environmentally sustainable cleaning. We believe that the use of traditional cleaning products is harmful to our skin, health, and the environment and our goal is to lead the cleaning industry out of these legacy cleaning habits. Planting trees with Carbon Neutral really aligns with what we truly believe in." Lucian Wu, Director