Avoided Deforestation


Preventing native forests from unplanned deforestation, such as illegal logging, protects our planet’s natural carbon sinks.


These projects conserve biodiversity and secure the habitats of endangered and threatened species while promoting the creation of employment and training in agroforestry techniques for the community.

The emissions produced by organisations and business are categorised into 3 scopes.
Scope 1

These are emissions that have come directly from sources that are owned or operated by your organisation. For example, fleet vehicles and air conditioning.

Scope 2

These are emissions generated from energy consumed to operate owned or controlled equipment or facilities of an organisation. This includes the electricity purchased to heat and cool buildings.

Scope 3

Generally, these are emissions that arise from activities which aren’t owned or controlled by the organisation, but you do have some control over. For example, air travel, staff commute, waste management.

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