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Improved Cook Stove Project – Rwanda

$12.87 (USD) per tonne

  • Type: Energy Efficiency - Improved Cook Stoves
  • Location: Kigali, Rwanda
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Volume per annum: 10,000 credits per project area
    You may be eligible to become a Partner when you purchase offsets from this project.   For purchases over 500 tonnes please contact us.  


This project primarily reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also it contributes a number of co-benefits that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Deforestation in Rwanda impacts not only the environment but also the rural communities that source their fuel for cooking and heating from nearby woodlands.

Cooking is traditionally done inside homes with little ventilation, the smoke inhalation can cause respiratory infections and lung diseases for children and other household members. Rwandan households that are provided with fuel efficient cook stoves have less exposure to smoke from burning wood and coal of open fires and fewer burns and injuries occur. As there is less reliance on wood collection families have more time for schooling and the supervision of children.

The cook stoves in this project are manufactured at a Rwandan factory from locally sourced products, supporting the economy and employing people from the Bugesera District.

View the factsheet for more details.

What you need to know

These carbon offsets are permanently retired on a registry guaranteeing each credit cannot be resold.

*Please be advised we are unable to provide individual serial numbers for online transactions.

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  • Mid-size business (21- 50 staff) : 150 tonnes
  • Large business (51+ staff) : 230 tonnes
  • Corporate : 420 tonnes


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