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Plant-a-Tree Conservation Program – Australia – South Coast ‘Wilyun Pools’

USD2.33 (USD) each

The program aims to protect and restore native vegetation and create crucial habitat in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot on Australia’s Southwest coast on Menang boodjar near Albany.


A biodiverse mix of native trees and shrubs are planted to create wildlife corridors that connect to nearby nature reserves and remnant bush.

This is restoring shelter, protection, and food for the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (ngolak), Forest Red-tailed Cockatoo (karak), Australasian Bittern (boordenitj), and Painted-button Quail (boorloom) among hundreds of other plant and animal species.


You may be eligible to become a Carbon Neutral Partner* when you purchase this product.


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Trees are a vital element of life. They capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere giving us clean air to breathe and helping us to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Plant-a-Tree Program has a positive impact on climate change and directly contributes to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Your purchase can have a big impact on climate change and will help to restore a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot.

View the factsheet for more information. 

What you need to know

Plant-a-Tree helps to restore an important biodiverse habitat for future generations. However, it is not a carbon offset product. You cannot claim carbon neutrality or offset your footprint or reduce greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing trees. 

Our guarantee

You buy one, we’ve planted one.

For every tree purchased an Australian native tree or shrub species has been planted in Wilyun Pools in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The trees and shrubs were planted on unproductive farmland with the aim of returning the land to its original condition and restoring the precious ecosystems within it.

Our trees are protected for 100 years by a carbon covenant and carbon right registered with the state government on the land title. This ensures the trees cannot be removed or compromised, even if the land is sold. 

Partner with us

What: Be a partner to have access to our Plant-a-Tree partner banner and be listed on our Partners Directory  for 12 months.

Why: Show your commitment to combating climate change.

How: Purchase at least the minimum, based on organisation size in the table below. 

Small businesses (< 8 staff) : 200 trees
Medium business (8 – 20 staff) : 400 trees
Mid-size business (21 – 50 staff) : 600 trees
Large business (51+ staff) : 800 trees
Corporate : 1000 trees

If you meet the criteria our team will send you the Brand Toolkit for Partners so you can select the brand assets for your marketing.

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    You will be
  • Contributing to a sustainable future
  • A Carbon Neutral Partner*
  • Creating homes for native Australian wildlife
  • Helping to restore biodiversity

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"We are absolutely thrilled to be able to contribute to help reduce the harmful effects on the environment."

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"We value the ability to partner with organisations such as Carbon Neutral to reduce the environmental harm of our operations."

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"It has been such pleasure to plant trees and re-wild parts of Australia together with Carbon Neutral since 2014."

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"Carbon Neutral has been invaluable in helping us choose which projects we support with carbon removal credits."

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"Engaging Carbon Neutral has given us a sense of certainty that our offsets and tree planting efforts are being done correctly"

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"Carbon Neutral's wealth of knowledge and support was a key reason as to why we decided to team up with them to help us. "

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"Plant-a-Tree is an accessible and significant part of our evolving mission to be a more environmentally responsible business."

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"We are proud to contribute to projects managed by Carbon Neutral and believe the offsetting program is an important step towa"