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Since October 2021


Design and creative, media and publishing

Green Partnership
62+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

262+ trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

About TEDxKingsPark

TEDxKingsPark is dedicated to giving Perth’s thought-leaders a platform to share their ideas with the world and to bring some of the best ideas from the world to Perth.

Our outlook is local, national, and global. We’re interested in the best ideas that excite and benefit our community from wherever, or whomever they come. We actively invite young people to participate as speakers, filmmakers, performers, audiences, and organisers. We are volunteer driven, not for profit and all our TEDx talks are made available online, for free.

Environmental responsibility is a core value, and we ensure all our events are carbon neutral, indeed some of them are certified as such by Climate Active. Audiences, partners, speakers, and our team love us buying our carbon offsets in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. Over and above this, we also invite our audience to plant an extra tree, or two, when they purchase their tickets.

Carbon offsetting and planting trees is most definitely an idea worth spreading!
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Join our partners and make a real difference to the climate emergency. Find out your footprint and then compensate for your emissions.