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Australian Wetlands Consulting

Since March 2020


Environmental services and consulting

Green Partnership
120+ tonnes of c02 offset

Committed to working towards net zero emissions and addressing the climate crisis.

About Australian Wetlands Consulting

Australian Wetlands Consulting (AWC) is an industry leader in ecological consulting, stormwater, wastewater and catchment management, providing a range of specialist environmental design and consulting services for local and state government and the private sector.

We are an award-winning environmental design and consulting company committed to creating a better environment through sustainable and innovative solutions consistent with ‘best practice’. In late 2009, the current directors of AWC purchased the consulting arm of Australian Wetlands – a company with a 30-year history at the forefront of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for a wide range of environmental issues. We provide a comprehensive advice, from planning through to construction management and supervision. Our thorough knowledge of ‘the science’, combined with our understanding of the local, state and federal legislation results in a service that offers practical solutions and adds value to projects.

AWC has completed hundreds of projects in collaboration with government and the private sector. As an industry leader we also work with numerous local and state authorities to prepare Best Practice Guidelines and policies for a range of activities. From federally funded infrastructure projects through to small subdivisions our goal is to simplify complex issues, speed up approvals and add value to every project.
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