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Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists

Since February 2020


Education, research and training

Platinum Partnership
62537 trees planted

Helping to reverse the impact of deforestation, restore ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

About Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists

Australian Fundraising helps schools and community groups fundraise through a variety of high-profit, engaging fundraisers.

Australian Fundraising has been helping schools and groups fundraise for more than 20 years, raising more than $105 million dollars for local communities. Our complete fundraising kits, high-profit margin and first-class end-to-end customer support puts the fun back into fundraising.

Through our Go Green Fun Runs and Plant-A-Difference programs, participants contribute one tree or shrub for every $15 raised for their school or group. In addition to our partnership with Carbon Neutral, Australian Fundraising is committed to reducing our environmental impact by offering low-waste, environmentally friendly options for fundraising.

In 2020, schools and groups contributed more than 13 000 trees and shrubs through Australian Fundraising’s Go Green Fun Runs and Plant-A-Difference fundraisers. Australian Fundraising aims to help plant more than 21 000 trees or shrubs in 2021.
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