Voluntary carbon offsetting is fast becoming the norm for those organisations that have reduced their carbon emissions as much as practicable. Why is this so? It seems the less Government’s do, the more individuals and businesses want to do to make a difference.

A good example of a sustainable business being proactive about offsetting their unavoidable carbon emissions is Austral Fisheries. As a result, it became the first seafood company in the world to be carbon neutral. Austral Fisheries CEO, David Carter, has put the supply chain and other fisheries around the world on notice that ‘business as usual’ can no longer apply.

Carbon Neutral is receiving growing enquiries from businesses realising more and more consumers are making conscious climate-friendly purchasing decisions. Demand for lower-carbon products and services are growing.

Leading businesses like Austral Fisheries are responding by measuring and reducing their carbon impact and communicating their positive emission reduction and offsetting actions with customers.

Increasingly, as households choose to live more sustainably, businesses need to base their value propositions around how they can help people achieve those goals.

The challenge for businesses is to define and communicate their broader purpose in relation to their environmental sustainability story and brand promise in relation to what they are doing to keep global warming to below 2 degrees.

Don’t let your business continue to be part of the problem, Carbon Neutral can help to measure, reduce and offset those unavoidable emissions.

Reasons why businesses choose to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions  

  1. Carbon reduction action results in annual energy cost savings of 20-30%
  2. Help fund sustainable development offset projects
  3. Meet green procurement opportunities
  4. Employees prefer to work for an environmentally responsible organisation
  5. Brand differentiation through carbon neutrality
  6. Risk management - be on the front foot for future emission reduction compliance requirements

David Carter, Austral Fisheries CEO, receiving recognition of carbon neutrality from then Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop