In 2017, good corporate citizenship means more than ever, and in a world where politics seems less and less to represent the public good, people look to business and industry to address the moral, social, environmental and economic challenges of our time.

While most businesses instinctively understand that demonstrating their 'green cred' can be a valuable reputation builder, sometimes it's hard to know how to showcase your commitment. One resource in your arsenal, to promote your work in the sustainability space, is Earth Hour.

Earth Hour, coordinated by WWF, started in Sydney in 2007, and has grown into an international movement celebrated in 172 countries and 7,000 cities around the world.  This weekend, WWF is celebrating 10 years of Earth Hour and 10 years of raising awareness of climate change.

The smart business recognises that we are entering an age where positive (as well as negative) actions are acknowledged and rewarded accordingly; and can add to brand integrity, positive PR, loyalty in clientele and ultimately, sales.

Purchasing power is shifting, and clients are being given more options across a more diverse marketplace. Businesses and organisations who are not yet seeing the value of wearing their good corporate citizenship loudly and proudly may soon find themselves on the bottom of the pile when purchasing decisions are made.

New clients are looking for higher levels of engagement with the businesses from whom they purchase.

Many large corporations, industries and organisations – particularly mining and energy companies – are already exposed to significant reputational risk. The industries they operate are perceived as polluting, destructive and environmentally irresponsible, and they are likely to need to offset these public perceptions with environmentally responsible projects with high-value PR potential.

In an age of transparency, where honesty and integrity in business is expected, and indeed, demanded, the bottom line now has a few more layers.

The modern marketplace is changing, and a new breed of conscious consumer is considering their influence, both as a purchaser and a reviewer of service and product. For the smart business, commitment to social, environmental and ethical good just makes good business sense.

Carbon Neutral not only supports business and industry to achieve its corporate social responsibility aspirations, our Gold Standard Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor actively seeks to create new industries in areas that struggle to maintain economic sustainability. Check out our pictures of one our Indigenous staff members, who has worked with us to create a viable beekeeping industry, not only to increase naturally pollinated flora diversity, but to generate a new local honey trade.

To find out more about how Carbon Neutral has supported our clients to improve their social profile, click here.

To find out how to demonstrate your 'green cred' through Earth Hour, click here

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